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beauty camp for girls

Beauty camp for girls

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Read on to find a program that's perfect for you!

Plus, the style inspiration in New York is endless! Who knows, maybe you'll even discover you're the next. Girls ages 8-13 years old are invited to explore hair, makeup and nail design under the supervision of a licensed Cosmetology Educator.

The camps emphasis age approptiate makeup application, proper cleansing routine, the importance of brow maintenance, and will help build self confidence and personal awareness that will last a lifetime. Sounds like a snow bunny's paradise, right?

Beauty beauty camp for girls camp for girls

Choosing the correct shade that suits your skin tone. The Pre-Teen Camp : This camp is designed to introduce the basics of good hygene and cleansing concepts for girls 10-13 years of age because a clean appearance promotes outter confidence in young girls. Day 2: How to create a flawless skin.

Not just any camp thougha super specialized one where you can get a feel for the tech, music, fashion, sports, or food worlds. Class length is 2-3 hours depending on group size.

Beauty camp for girls

Ever wanted to style your hair like the stars?,well now you can! Daizha Jimenez, 18, participated in the Philadelphia camp: "Girls Rock isn't just a program, it's an open community space that's dedicated to helping girls learn, create, and rock on in whatever way they chose. What products to use to suit your skin type.

How to prep your skin before Makeup Application. Outdoorsy goodness transferrable skills one sweet summer. Related Posts, our Partners.

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